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Sculptra, The Best Anti-Aging Product

There is a new breakthrough with the development of anti-aging formulas. Sculptra was developed in Europe in 1999 and was introduced to the States in 2004. In 2009, it has now been FDA approved as an anti aging cosmetic enhancement formula.
What is Sculptar?

Sculptura Aestetic is a breakthrough formula that has been made from poly-L-lactic acid and is used to replace the lost collagen that is in different parts of the face. Sculptra is used to reduce wrinkles and folds, making the face softer, smoother and younger looking. It is formed from a biodegradeable, biocompatible material that works with the lines of the face.

How does Sculptra work?
In the face, there is a lot of collagen. It is what contours around your face giving your face the soft smooth look. As you age, the collagen in your face decreases. This is what creates the appearance of wrinkles. Sculptra is injected into your face over a few different sessions by a certified cosmetic surgeon. This process gives your face the opportunity to get used to the formula and it also makes it last longer than any other treatment. Sculptra lasts for at least 25 months and with the proper care and health of a person, it can last more than 3 years. This is the only procedure than can actually create volume in your face other than Fat Grafting.

Sculptra is safe and a lot of focus has been put on it so that any discomfort in the procedure would be alleviated. It has been diluted and now contains lidocaine so that clumping and pain are decreased. This has also decreased the possibility of nodules forming and complications that can stem from that.

Overall, this anti-aging procedure is one of the most safe and effective treatments available. A leading cosmetic surgeon is the best surgeon to perform this procedure. Taking the time to reverse the signs of aging will help make the effects of it last longer than any quick fix that is on the market. No plumper or “volumizer” can match the long term effects and precision that Sculptra can.