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Who Is A Plastic Surgeon

Whenever we hear the term cosmetic procedure, the first association that comes to the mind is that of a plastic surgeon. It is imperative to consider that a plastic surgeon is not just someone who enhances the physical features through aesthetic surgery but he may also be the one who repairs, removes or reconstructs physical deformities which may exist in the human body form. Plastic surgeons in Miami can work on nearly any region of the body, even the head or neck as desired by the patient.

Plastic surgeons or cosmetic surgeons follow the same procedure of medical school like other physicians. This includes eight years of education, 4 in college and 4 years in a medical school along with a residency trainee program. Residencies in plastic surgeries vary from state to state. It is a minimum of five years and may last for seven years or more. Subspecialty plastic surgeons have to undergo additional training of one year and cannot practice without license by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

The job of a plastic surgeon is complex and intricate. The fact that they are dealing with the human anatomy and by trying to reconstruct or reform something is a miracle science has wrought over the past century. Although cosmetic procedures are very common but they are not the only kinds of surgical procedures plastic surgeons are not limited to. Face lifts, breast uplifts etc. are common surgical procedures being performed on female patients by plastic surgeons nowadays. Advanced or specialist plastic surgeons can also treat the bones of the skull and the face along with repair of congenital defects like a cleft palate, cleft lip etc.

The innovation in plastic surgery known as microsurgery is one of the latest forms in practice by plastic surgeons with extreme precision and care. It involves the use of a microscope and structures which are finer than a human hair. Patients who suffer burns often have to get plastic surgery performed and a specialist plastic surgeon can perform the job without a single scar. Severed fingers and toes due to frost-bites or any other condition can also be treated by a plastic surgeon.

A crucial requirement for a plastic surgeon is that he or she must demonstrate manual dexterity. Though mechanical aptitude is important and useful because of the usage of a variety of tools in the process but a good plastic surgeon will always be both dexterous and patient. Plastic surgery is a fine art which is why surgeons need to have good eyesight for accurate judgments of the surgical incisions and treatment.

Specialized knowledge may grant a plastic surgeon a license but upholding ethical standards will offer him patients. The complex nature of the task of a plastic surgeon requires that he pays fine attention to the details and explains the procedures to his patients as lucidly as possible while still providing emotional support. A good consultant plastic surgeon in Miami will always discuss the medical history of the patient first before going ahead with any procedure.
Plastic Surgery Miami – Types of Plastic Surgery

With the advancement in medical science, corrections of various forms of the human body have become possible along with its functions. Any part of the body from head to toe can be enhanced, repaired or replaced through plastic surgery, one of the most sophisticated branches of modern day medical science. Surgical specialization has reached a hallmark success with plastic surgery through both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries; two of the major divisions of plastic surgery. The main goal of all forms of medical advancement is to enhance the quality of life and the techniques of plastic surgery provide a basis for the achievement of this very goal. The technical possibilities associated with plastic surgery are so vast that they cannot be listed altogether. Surgical principles, flexibilities and aspirations can be realized through corrective plastic or reconstructive surgery. The scope and outcome of plastic surgery can be divided on the basis of its sub-specialties: