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June 25, 2020

Medical Clinic in Santa Monica CA

The Santa Monica Medical Clinic, which serves the area around Venice Beach and Los Feliz, is known for the many clinics it has established throughout the city. Today, it serves as a small medical clinic but the early days of the early 20th century had many doctors working for the clinic, the California Medical Association. The clinic was established by Dr. Harry Bailey in 1925.

In the early years of the clinic, it was more of a field hospital than a clinic. It was started to help homeless people who lived near the beach.

Today, the clinic has several different types of care facilities. From the day care to medical care, the Santa Monica Medical Clinic has something for everyone. Now the clinic is one of the largest and busiest care facilities in the city.

The clinic was named for Dr. Harry Bailey, who invented the walk-in services that are used today. The clinic now houses children’s clinics, sexual health clinics, physical health clinics, and even primary care centers.

The clinic was originally known as the Dr. Charles Blythe Charles Hospital. It was first located in the Alderman Street building where today’s area doctor’s offices are located.

Today, the clinic has both a day care facility and a very busy adult care facility. Both of these areas are staffed with doctors and nurses to care for both children and adults.

Care services for children at the day care facility are made available for all children, regardless of their age. They also provide vaccines and offer treatment for children who suffer from certain conditions. When a child is not feeling well, the clinic offers nursing care to keep them healthy.

The adult care center is often full during the evening hours, but many parents come to the clinic after work. The center is open twenty-four hours a day and offers treatment for many illnesses. The center provides services for children and adults.

The center also offers bariatric service for those who need weight loss and nutrition counseling. Many of the patients at the day care and adult care center need treatment for their chronic medical conditions.

The day care and adult care center are not only a medical facility, but a facility where young children learn life skills and socialize with other children. There are many activities offered for the children that include playing games, watching movies, or having fun singing and dancing.

In addition to the clinic and its locations throughout the downtown Los Angeles area, there are several other places that can be found throughout the city. There are places like the health food store and the Santa Monica Health Care Center that serve as a safe haven for residents who need medical attention or social services.

There are several hospitals located in the downtown Los Angeles area, but many times the most convenient place to go for medical attention is to the Santa Monica Medical Clinic. The clinic is a full service medical facility that offers a large range of services for the entire community.

Reza Nabavian MD
2001 Santa Monica Blvd #1180
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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