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Breast Augmentation

Augmentation mammoplasty is commonly called as breast augmentation nowadays. These plastic surgery terms are used to indicate procedures which serve to change the shape, size or modify the texture of the breasts of females. However, it may be noted that augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation is not merely for enhancement of the female breast. It may also be used as a procedure during cancer treatment such as a cancerous breast or to treat the birth defects in breasts congenitally present in females.

Primary augmentation as a form of cosmetic surgery of the breast serves to change the aesthetics only while the term augmentation mammoplasty is used to repair the chest wound or in post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. Augmentation mammoplasties are used for therapeutic purposes when the breast tissue is damaged by medical trauma or tuberous deformity. Sometimes revision reconstruction surgery on the breast is also performed. Breast implants, reconstruction and fat gram mammoplasty are common breast augmentations in Miami.

Surgical breast augmentation includes breast implants or breast reconstruction. A common mode of breast implants is saline implants filled with sterile saline solution or viscous silicone gel. Almost five generations of breast implants of silicone breast gel implants have passed to this date and the technology is undergoing further advancement and innovation. The duration of the entire procedure varies from surgery to surgery depending upon the initial incision technique employed, the implant material and the pectoral locale of the pocket of the implant mainly. Usually the surgical scars heal after 6 weeks but take several months to fade out of sight. Routine activities are resumed after about one week of the occurrence of the procedure.

Under developed breasts is a common problem with teenagers nowadays. Disproportionate breasts cause inferiority complexes in young females often leading them to lead insecure lives. Most breast augmentations occur because the woman is psychologically distressed or dissatisfied with her own body and seeks to improve the aesthetic aspects of her personal appearance. These women, more often find ways to fight suffering from depression and low self-esteem and if psychotherapy does not help, then breast augmentation is one way to solve the problem. Pregnancy and breast feeding also causes changes in the breast size, shape and texture which leads to unsatisfactory sexual relationships in married couples. Thus, most women seek breast implants or augmentation to improve the physical appearance of their breasts. Besides improved self-esteem, it has also been noted that women who undergo such procedures are able to perform better in their work place. The increased confidence women possess enables them to utilize their true potential and enhance their work output.

Breast augmentation includes added benefits such as a healthier sexual functioning, improved physical and mental health as well as boosted self-confidence for the male counterparts as well. However, benefits are not just the only factor to be taken into consideration. Breast augmentation leads to autoimmune disorders as well as severe complications at times, which is why only certified and highly qualified professionals should be consulted and employed to the task.