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April 29, 2016

Breast Augmentation in Houston Texas with Dr Bruce Smith

In Houston Texas there are several reputable breast augmentation clinics. Unfortunately, many patients do not know that some of these clinics are illegal and dishonest. The following article will show the truth about what goes on at these illegal and dishonest clinics.

Bruce K Smith MD

It is unfortunate that more women do not look into the quality of service and results of breast augmentation in Houston Texas. Breast augmentation is a serious procedure and the results can be drastic. It is not a choice to be made lightly.

The risks of breast augmentation in Houston Texas are great and should be considered seriously before committing to the surgery. Each patient should understand the risks involved and weigh them against the benefits.

One of the worst risks associated with breast augmentation in Houston Texas is complications. Some women that go through surgery experience infections, rashes, allergic reactions, infections and many other complications.

There are also risks that are not related to the actual surgery but with post-op care after breast augmentation in Houston Texas. These complications include poor recovery and a poor nursing home experience. Nursing homes in Houston Texas are notorious for neglecting their residents and often put them in uncomfortable conditions.

One of the best breast augmentation doctors in Houston Texas is Dr. Bruce K Smith MD. Bruce was the Chief Resident for Plastic Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, where he performed more than two thousand surgeries.

Dr. Smith is the top breast augmentation doctor in Houston Texas and is nationally certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The American Board of Plastic Surgery makes sure that all of the plastic surgeons they certify are board certified.

A certified plastic surgeon in Houston Texas is one who has done over two thousand breast augmentation procedures. These surgeons are very skilled in breast augmentation and will have a complete understanding of the procedure and all its potential problems. All doctors of this caliber have spent the time to learn everything there is to know about breast augmentation.

Surgeons that are truly skilled at breast augmentation are able to perform the surgery under the most complicated circumstances. A lot of the issues and problems that women have come from the use of local anesthesia in the past.

A number of the problems that occur during breast augmentation can be avoided by using the local anesthetic lidocaine. Local anesthesia can be used instead of the general anesthetic, which is necessary when performing a breast augmentation in Houston Texas.

Bruce K Smith MD has been performing breast augmentation for thirty years and has performed all types of surgeries including the infamous Vaginoplasty. Many women have undergone his services and have given him excellent reviews.

It is important that before a woman embarks on breast augmentation in Houston Texas that she understands all of the possible complications. The better educated a woman is the less likely she will make a mistake.

Bruce K. Smith, M.D.

1315 St Joseph Pkwy #940
Houston, Texas 77002
Phone: (713) 659-2700

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